Saturday 24 June 2017

Finished Sampler

We are into summer now and the planting season is pretty much over. I have the planting sampler finished for now.

The wheel of the wheelbarrow was done in chain stitch. The inside of the wheel was a buttonhole stitch wheel to make them look like spokes inside.  The rest of the wheelbarrow is worked in outline stitch and stem stitch.

The pea is done with the same stitches that I used in the crewel embroidery piece. It was adjusted a bit to make it a little smaller.

I think that the spinach was my favourite of the seed packages in the end. The leaves were done in outline stitch and the veins in the leaves were done in stem stitch.

The piece on the left is the final Jacobean style piece for lesson two of the crewel embroidery course. I was going to post it before but after I mailed it off. I deleted the picture off of my camera. Then had to wait till it got mailed back before I could take another picture.

The large white flower petals are done in Cretan Stitch and then are outlined in a double running stitch. The red and yellow patch at the center of the flower is also Cretan stitch and so is the dark section on the large leaves at the bottom. The green leaves above the flower are worked in a striped buttonhole stitch. The smaller dark green leaf is buttonhole stitch as well. The stem was done in a twisted chain stitch. The tendrils were worked in the coral knot. Double running stitch is also used for the orange striped section of the flower. The fly stitch was used for the center light green in the large leaves and for the yellow and orange v's in the flower. Below the v's is a row of magic chain stitch in red and white. The three scalloped rows below that are done in buttonhole stitch.