Tuesday 7 March 2017

More Spring Veggies

Spring Vegetables Sampler
Sampler for Lesson 2
I made a couple more spring veggies to use on the sampler for lesson 2. I made another radish that is coloured in and a spring pea plant. The peas are 2" x 4" and use the fly stitch, the twisted chain stitch and the coral stitch. The pea pods were worked first in a dark green colour. I used a solid fly stitch so the whole pod would be a solid colour. Each pod was started with a single straight stitch. Then a fly stitch is made around the straight stitch with point at the bottom. On the top pod I put the line down the center of the pod and it gives the pod a rounder, fuller look. The lower pod I made the line to one side making the fly stitch longer on the right side than the left. This makes the pea seem as if looking at it from the side and gives it a flatter look.

Embroidery Pea Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch
Embroidery Pea Pods
Pea Pods
Embroidery Pea Stem
Twisted Chain
Embroidery Pea Coral Stitch
Pea Finished

I made the stem out of a tight row of twisted chain stitch in a lighter green. The stitch follows a curved line nicely and is gives the stem a raised rounded look. I used isolated twisted chain stitches for the off white flowers too. Each stitch came out from the center two stitches facing up and one facing down. I used the coral stitch for the tendrils as that stitch curls around so nicely. The pea worked out very nicely and I thought that if the pods were just a little narrower and longer and the flowers worked in a red colour it could also make a nice green bean.
Embroidery Radish Root
Radish Root
Embroidery Radish Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch

The radish is 4" x 4.5" this one is oblong shaped to make it look different from the round ones last week. I used a closed Cretan stitch to fill in the root of the radish. I made two long rows the top of each row is red. The skinny root at the bottom is filled in with the twisted chain stitch as it was too skinny to use the Cretan stitch. I used this stitch for the spines on the leaves too. I used the lighter green colour and it made the spines look like they are standing out from the leaves. I outlined the leaves with a coral stitch which gave them a rough looking edge like radish leaves. I tried filling in the leaves with several rows of stem stitch laid one beside the other. I thought this made the leaves take away from the mostly light coloured radish and it made it harder to define the edge of one leaf from the beginning of the one beside it. 

Embroidery Radish
Radish Finished
Embroidery Radish Leaf
Radish Leaf

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