Tuesday 31 October 2017

Fall Vegetables

I had to take some time off to pack all my stuff up and move over the summer and fall. Now falls pretty much over and I am getting settled again. I am finished the last sampler for the course. I used summer and fall squashes for the motifs on the sampler. I used the same stitches for both of them. Long and Short Stitch for the body with Double Knot Stitch and Bullion Stitch for the stems.
I think the Zucchini with the straight lines turned out better. I started out with very simple shapes and drew guidelines to mark the stitching. On the Zucchini I only used them to mark the rows on the Spaghetti Squash I used them to mark the rows and the direction on the stitches.    

I worked lengthwise along the Zucchini. I tried to get a rounded look by shading the threads so they were dark at each side and lighter towards the middle.

The Spaghetti Squash I worked from side to side. I tried to round the rows so that it looked more circular. It was difficult to start with the circle of Long and Short Stitch at the bottom.

The stem is the part of the squashes that turned out the best. It is my favourite part. I used three rows of Double Knot Stitch and a Row of bullion knots in between. The Knot Stitches gave them a bumpy look. The left picture on the bottom shows the rows of Double Knot Stitch and the picture on the right shows the rows of finished Stem with the rows of Bullion Knots.

I am hoping to get more embroidery done now that the cool weather is here.

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