Wednesday 6 February 2019

Window View 2 Fences and Walls

Adding Color to the Fence and Wall
This is the second post about this piece. In the first post I got the piece started up to where the black outlines were done. Today I will continue on filling in the foreground. Starting with the fences and moving back to fill in the side of the house. Both fences and the house are filled in by blending two colours of threads together. This is also referred to as tweeding. 

Brown FenceFence Shading
The brown fence was done in a satin stitch. Blending the colours gives the fence a multi-coloured look. The brown fence is filled in with satin stitch through the spaces between boards the grey fence showed. I used a darker grey here and the same grey along the bottom of the horizontal board. I used a split stitch to fill in the horizontal board to make it stand out from the boards behind it. The colours didn't blend quite as nicely in the grey fence as the brown fence.

Fence close upGrey Fence
Door and Window Frames
Next, I filled in the tools and details on the wall. It made the wall easier to fill in with the edges clearly defined. The edges are mostly outlined with split stitch. The finer lines are done with straight stitch. I used a stem stitch for the garbage can to give it a rounded appearance. 
Coloring the Wall
The building was the most fun to fill in. I used many different shades of brown blended together. Switching back and forth between one pair and another making the side of the building many combinations of colours.

In the next post I will be filling in the roof and starting on the trees and branches surrounding the building.

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