Thursday 14 March 2019

Embroidered Brooch

Blue Brooch Embroidery
This started off as an experiment to see how whipped running stitch would look as a filling stitch. In the rectangle it gave the design a woven look. These pieces looked best when viewed from a few feet away so the colours blend together. When viewed up close the running stitch base stands out more. I made the brooch as an after thought and finished it is 1’’ by 1 3/4’’.
I worked the running stitches for the whole rectangle first because I wanted to get the rows of stitches to line up. For the top three rectangles I used blue running stitches. In the bottom one I used the rainbow variegated thread to see which would look more like a bright sunset.
Running Stitch base

The whipping was done afterwards. I used the same blue as the background for the top. I used variegated threads for the rest. When I was done I took a look at the four pieces together. I was most interested in the blue variegated rectangle. I thought it was a nice scene and would be a good size for a brooch.
Whipped running stitch rectangles
To make the brooch I had to cut the pieces up to cut out the rectangle but decided that it was worth it. I snipped the corners off to reduce bulk and cut out a cardboard and a felt rectangle the same size as the embroidery. The fabric is strung over the cardboard as described in my post Goldwork Ornament and a brooch pin is attached on the back.
Brooch BackBrooch Construction
Whipped Running Stitch base for sunI made the sun at the end after trying out the rectangles. I wanted to see how it would work filling in another shape since running stitch curves around so nicely. I worked from the outside in and started a new row each round rather than making a swirl.  I used yellow for the running stitch base and a variegated yellow-orange thread for whipping over top.
Embroidered Sun

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