Sunday 22 March 2020

Welcome Back

I haven't been on the blog for about a year. So what have I been doing. I finished the Design for Embroidery course from the Embroidery Association of Canada. I got my work published in Embroidery Canada Magazine. At home my garden has gotten a lot bigger and I have been doing renovations in the front room. Creating a better place to embroider and use the computer.

Final Project Beginners Crewel Embroidery Halloween Theme
This is the final project from the Beginners Crewel Embroidery Course. It was in the spring edition of Embroidery Canada 2019. I haven't put a picture of it on the blog before this. The design was made in the fall using a Halloween theme. It shows off a variety of stitches and techniques I learned during the course.
These are some pictures of the pieces that I made during the Design for Embroidery Course.

Quilted pink eyelet lace

The first one is a small quilted sampler using a piece of eyelet lace sewn between two pieces thin material.
Texture sample green squaresTexture sample with stitch names

Next is a sampler of textured stitches the names of the stitches have been added.

Positive and Negative Space Sampler

The last piece is a sampler from the lesson on positive and negative space. While taking the course I enjoyed reading a lot of interesting books about embroidery, art and design.

Over the winter I've been sorting through and organizing my supplies. It's a small space and I'm trying to figure out what will fit in the front. The weather is warming up now and I'll be able to continue with the renovations over the summer. I've got a few more projects on the go now that I will be sharing on here soon.

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