Wednesday 22 April 2020

Stitch Challenge

In the last few weeks so much more is happening online. I've been taking part in the Community Stitch Challenge on Facebook. It is being put on by Sue Stone and Each week there is a free workshop and Question and Answer session with a needle worker. My favorite workshops so far have been the ones by Cas Holmes and Emily Tull.

Teapot Collage

After watching the Cas Holmes challenge I made the teapot. Cas showed us how she uses paper and found objects in her needle work collages. I've not done embroidery on paper before but it seems to be getting very popular now. I see lots of pictures online of embroidered gift cards and embroidery done on top photographs. After sewing the collage she stitches it onto a piece of stiff watercolor paper. It holds the piece flat and stiff and looks like it would make the work ready for framing.

The Teapot is a collage made of several different types of fabric and papers. I choose to embroider the teapot because I wish that it could have stayed longer. The handle got broken off right after I brought it home so it has to go. It was a little surprising how many people choose a tea pot or tea cup as their special object.  

eye beginning

I really enjoyed the challenge by Emily Tull. Emily Tull mainly does portraits and she showed us all how she observes and draws the eye. Then uses the drawing to embroider the eye. The results were really impressive. Almost everyone posted a nicely done eye. Many people commented that it was the best eye they had ever made.
eye finished

There have also been workshops by Sue Stone and by Richard McVetis. This week the challenge is by Emily Jo Gibbs. If you want to check it out all the workshops are still available to watch online. If you're interested join the Stitch Challenge Facebook Group   

Maiwa's on Granville Island, Vancouver BC has moved the supply store online. They sell a huge range of supplies for textile artists the main focus being on dying. They have some embroidery supplies including Japanese Sashiko Thread and Soie d'Alger Silk Thread. They have a large supply of natural fiber fabrics and blanks that would be great for embroidery. The supply store also carries supplies for felting, knitting, sewing and other textile arts.  

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