Monday 2 January 2017

Embroideries by Alice Brown

Alice Brown Designer
Floral Stumpwork
Floral Stumpwork
Hi my name is Alice Brown.
I have a degree in New Media Communications and Design from the College of New Caledonia. I recently started taking a crewel embroidery course and am working towards getting a teachers certificate in embroidery. I decided to combine my hobby of embroidery and textile arts and my computer design skills into a new job and start an online business in the coming year. I have embroidered for many years and sold lots of pieces overtime. I would like to start with a few pictures of pieces I made in the past.

Grape Vine French Knots
Grape Vine French Knots

I will be posting more pictures of the designs and pieces while I am making them. Sharing the process with you and some of the techniques that I use while creating them. The blog will include many of the interesting bits that I learn along the way and some of the really great pieces that I see.

I will be showing designs and pieces of artwork as I complete them. Letting you know what will be coming up for sale and when  new designs or products are going to be available. I will also mention some of the products that I use or try out along the way. I encourage people to have fun making things and am planning some on and offline events for later in the year so we can have some fun together.

Celtic Mandala Satin Stitch
Celtic Mandala Satin Sitch

Please share your thoughts about what designs you like or don't like as I decide how to grow the business. I am also interested in hearing what techniques other people are using and where they have been learning them. You can leave questions and comments on the blog. I will reply when doing the updates. Email me here and get an answer with in a few days. I hope that you enjoy the pictures and learn from reading the posts.



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