Tuesday 23 January 2018

Floral Needle Roll Part 2

Embroidered Floral Needle Roll
Needle Roll Rolled Up
I got the needle roll done and ready to use. I've been creating it my head for quite a while. I am glad that it turned out much like I imagined it would. I used very simple stitches as there is no room in here for complex stitch work. The finished piece is 3 inches high and 9 inches long. It rolls up to about 4 inches around. The needles didn't really take up any room. So it could have been rolled up smaller if I'd just made the strap a little shorter.
Embroidered Lupine
Embroidered BerriesI kept working from left to right as I was before and did the Lupine next. The stem is done in stem stitch. The leaves were done in split stitch this time. They were too large to use a detached chain stitch and I wanted a smoother look than the back stitch. The flower is made of detached chain stitches worked from the bottom towards the top.

The berries were next in line. They really stand out for being so small. The stems are done in back stitch with french knots at the end for the berries. Padded satin stitch is used for the leaves.

Allium Flower Stem Stitch Leaves
Allium flower Split Stitch leavesI did the Allium flower twice. The first time I made it with three leaves and used a split stitch filling for the leaves. The leaves looked to wide and textured and took up more space than I intended them too. I changed the Allium flower later to have just two leaves. Then used a broad stem stitch which made them look smooth and rounded at the edges.
Embroidered Blue and Yellow Flowers
Embroidered Thyme FlowersThe next three flowers in line where all small. For all three stems I used the back stitch. Both the Borage and the Thyme have detached chain Stitch and for the leaves as well as the flowers. The yellow flower is made up of a button hole scallop for the flower. I used back stitch here for the leaves so that I could get more curve than the chain stitch.
Embroidered Echinacea Flower
Last was the Echinacea flower. It's the largest of all the flowers and I could use the most detail here. The leaves are done with a padded satin stitch then a feather stitch down the center for the veins of the leaf. The flower petals are padded satin stitch. It seemed impossible to keep the lines straight while making such small stitches. The center of the flower is done in french knot stitch.
Finished Strap with Button
Decorative Button LoopThe assembly was fairly simple. I made the strap and sewed it on first. Then sewed the button over the end of the strap. I made a decorative buttonhole loop to attach the strap. The felt was centered on the inside and attached as I folded over and sewed the edges. At the end I put a line of running stitch around the edge of the embroidery. 
Finished Roll Inside

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