Thursday 11 January 2018

Floral Needleroll

I am making a needle roll to replace my old needle book. This is the first half of the flower picture I am embroidering on the front. It took me a bit of time to make the design and I am taking lots of notes to remember how I made it later on. So I will post the first half now and have it finished to post in the next blog. I drew each flower separately scanned them onto the computer and then redrew them in Illustrator. This way I could reposition the flowers until I got them all to fit.

I did the alyssum first since it is in front of the dandelion and the dill. For the flower I filled the area with white french knots. Then added a second yellow french knot in the middle of each one. The stem is done in a back stitch and the leaves are straight stitches.

I did the Dandelion next. The flower is a buttonhole wheel. I made the stitches very close together to look like the skinny petals. The stalk is done in stem stitch and the leaves are done in back stitch. 

The flowers of the sage plant are done in bullion stitch with a variegated purple thread. The thick part of the stem is stem stitch. The leaves are detached chain stitches.

The Dill is done almost entirely in back stitch the stem, the leaves and the bottom of the flowers. The top of the flowers are done in fly stitch. Each branch of the fly stitches is topped with a small yellow straight stitch.

The Poppy flower has a couched outline for the petals. The petals are filled in with satin stitch. The stalk is a stem stitch and the leaves are detached chain stitches. The flower bud is made of three fly stitches with a few straight stitches to fill in. 

The Viola flowers are done with a blue variegated thread. They are made of four detached chain stitches at the top. With an open chain stitch for the large petal at the bottom. The leaves here are also detached chain stitches and the stems are back stitched.

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